[TxMt] Re: insert template not working

René Schwaiger sanssecours at f-m.fm
Mon Jul 11 14:49:10 UTC 2016

Hi Kyle,

> On 11 Jul 2016, at 15:22 , Kyle Johnson <kbj at linguist.umass.edu> wrote:
> I've discovered today that the "insert template" command for the LaTeX bundle doesn't work. It fails silently. I'm using TextMate 2 beta 11.5 on OS 10.11.5. 

the command works for me. I used the following steps (TextMate 2.0-beta.11.5, OS X 10.11.15):

1. Open TextMate
2. Create a new file (`⌘` + `N`)
3. Save the file as `test.tex` inside `~/Downloads` (where `~` is the location of your user directory)
4. Write down the word `temp` inside `test.tex` and hit `⇥`
5. TextMate opens a new window with the title “Insert LaTeX Template”
6. Hit `↩` to insert the first template `Article.tex` at the current position of the caret

The above steps work under my main account and also under a fresh Guest account (after I install the LaTeX bundle inside “Preferences”→“Bundles”). 

Do the steps above work for you? If not, do they work if you temporarily activate the Guest account (“System Preferences”→“User & Groups”→“Guest Account”), switch to it and install the LaTeX bundle?

Maybe the probleme is `ruby18`. Does the following work on your machine?

1. Open TextMate
2. Create a new file (`⌘` + `N`)
3. Insert the text `ruby18 -v` in the first line of the file and press `Ctrl` + `R`
4. TextMate inserts the text `ruby 1.8.7 (2012-02-08 patchlevel 358) [i686-darwin13.3.0]` into the second line of the current file

> Kyle

Kind regards,

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