[TxMt] Re: Problems compiling TextMate

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Mon Jul 11 11:24:17 UTC 2016

On 14 Jun 2016, at 20:27, Allan Odgaard wrote:

>> [335/528] Run test
>> ‘/Users/carpii/build/TextMate/Frameworks/document/test_document’…
>> /Users/carpii/build/TextMate/Frameworks/document/test_document  &&
>> touch 
>> /Users/carpii/build/TextMate/Frameworks/document/test_document.run
> This one currently also fails for me […]

Just a small update to let people know that tests should no longer fail.

Code executed from tests no longer make use of the main dispatch queue 
which seems to have fixed the problem, instead they use the caller’s 
thread (via CFRunLoopPerformBlock).

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