[TxMt] After v2.0-beta.10 "Go to Related File" doesn't work anymore

Koen Punt koen at koenpunt.nl
Wed Jul 6 10:23:57 UTC 2016

Posted this in the github bugs repo
(https://github.com/textmate/bugs/issues/21), but was directed here for follow


Anyway, for some reason "Go to Related File" with a custom relatedFilePath
worked in beta 10, but not thereafter.


I've setup a test project, uploaded here:


When you open the project with beta 10, and open the `test.rb` file, `Go to
Related File` will take you to `test_spec.rb` and from there `Go to Related
File` will take you back to `test.rb`.  
In any version after that, eg the latest beta, 11.4, this won't work.  


Has something changed with the format of `relatedFilePath`?  





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