[TxMt] Unhelpful title bar display with identically named files in different folders?

Daniel Vollmer lists at maven.de
Sat Jul 2 12:04:50 UTC 2016


when I am in a situation where I have identically named files in different directories open in TextMate, then the displayed path in the title bar doesn’t update to reflect the currently selected tab. Is this intended?

For example

> mkdir t
> cd t
> mkdir foo bar
> echo foo > foo/baz.txt 
> echo bar > bar/baz.txt 
> mate */baz.txt

leads to a situation where it is impossible to see whether I’m currently editing baz.txt in foo or bar, see http://www.maven.de/pics/tm2_path_bar.png vs http://www.maven.de/pics/tm2_path_foo.png .

I would have expected the title bar to reflect my currently active tab.


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