[TxMt] Re: Issue with command line

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Tue Jan 19 09:47:19 UTC 2016

On 19 Jan 2016, at 1:26, treaves at silverfields.com wrote:

> After the latest update, whenever I run ‘mate' from the command 
> line, I get this message: 'Can’t launch TextMate.app (error 
> -10810)’.  Once I start Textmate, if I uninstall the command line 
> support, and re-enable it, ‘mate’ works until the next reboot.

The problem is with your launch services database, basically a lookup in 
the system’s database (by mate) does not reveal where TextMate.app is 
located on your system.

To reset the database run this command (one line):

-kill -seed {,~}/Applications{,/Utilities}

If you have applications in other locations, you can add the paths to 
the end of the line.

After you reset the database, I suggest you launch TextMate via Finder, 
as I think this marks the application as having been explicitly launched 
by the user, so it won’t warn when indirectly opening TextMate by e.g. 
opening a text file.

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