[TxMt] Fwd: Bug: File name with multiple lines looks wired.

Ian Dai iandaicsu at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 14:56:09 UTC 2016

 1. Steps to reproduce bug
  - Create a file in the side brower area with any name.
  - Copy & paste any name with two rows. Such as "asdf1 \n asdf2". \n
stands for a new line.
        - See image attached.

 2. Expected result
    - Click the file to open it, you should see file name show at top

 3. Actual result
    - Click the file to open it, you can see file name is not showing
correctly. The buttom part of first line "asdf1" can be seen.

 4. Environment
  - OS X version: 10.11.4 Beta
    - TextMate version: TextMate version 2.0-beta.12.4
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