[TxMt] Re: File open regression in 2.0-beta.11.5?

Carpii UK carpii.uk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 21:13:43 UTC 2016

> So even after you disabled the support for mangled Windows 95 names, you
> are still seeing failure from atomic saving?
Unfortunately, yes.

I was sure my Samba config changes had fixed the problem, but it was just a
red herring
My changes don't seem to have fixed much at all, although when it does
fail, acts a little differently to what it did before

> I plan to try and branch TM to disable Atomic Saves for certain paths
> (like
> /Volumes/*)
> I've dug through the source a little, but this change doesn't seem
> trivial,
> so any gotcha's or pointers would be appreciated
> TextMate reporting “Atomic Saving Failed” is a bit of a misnomer.
> I think I described it earlier, that on a network file system it would
> create a new /path/to/file~ and then run mv /path/to/file~ /path/to/file.
> So what you probably want is to instead open the original file directly
> and just overwrite it, so you are not disabling a feature, your changing
> the code (to be less safe).
Thanks, I'm right in thinking ./Frameworks/file/src/save.cc is the place I
should be looking to make this change?

I mentioned some tests in the thread about atomic saving, if it still fails
> for you, evne with the name mangling support disabled in SMB, it would be
> good to get the results from these tests, as then TextMate could maybe
> handle the issue better
Good point. I will re-run these tests
I think I provided the results from this before I made any smb changes, but
I will try again now my SMB config is different

Thanks Allan, As I say, I'm sure it's not a TM problem so much as the
environment Im using it in, So I do appreciate your continued advice :)

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