[TxMt] Re: File open regression in 2.0-beta.11.5?

Carpii UK carpii.uk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 00:40:33 UTC 2016

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> Is this a local HFS+ file system?

Unfortunately not, its a samba share, and a continuation of the
long-running problems I've been having developing with TM over SMB

And just to be sure I understand this correctly, when you do open file A,
> and file B opens, the proxy icon / title bar etc. will point to B, right?

These are the symptoms I'm seeing, yes.
I've since noticed this only happens after getting an Atomic File Save
failure, so its all kinda linked back into the original problem I was
having with Atomic Save failures, the difference is I;ve since tried to
reconfigure SMB a bit

Restarting TM does not fix it, nor does restarting samba server.
Unmounting the share from OSX and remounting it, does fix it.

The dilemma is I've yet to see the same issue using other editors like
Atom, nor do I think TM is doing anything it shouldn't be
For whatever reason though, the combination of atomic saves over an SMB
share just doesn't seem reliable for me

I plan to try and branch TM to disable Atomic Saves for certain paths (like
I've dug through the source a little, but this change doesn't seem trivial,
so any gotcha's or pointers would be appreciated

Anyone who is using TM over a SMB share, and not seeing this issue, I'd
really love to hear from you!

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