[TxMt] Re: Can TextMate::UI.alert etc. be used with the ruby20 shim?

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sun Aug 21 11:59:15 UTC 2016

On 21 Aug 2016, at 13:29, Stefan Daschek wrote:

> I’d be happy to give this a try. Could you give me some hints on 
> what code you think could / should be removed?

Unused code, whatever that is :) And code that is only used by a single 
bundle can be moved to that bundle.

There might also be use of some code that could be replaced with stdlib 
functionality, for example a lot of bundles use `e_sh` from `escape.rb` 
when they should probably instead use the `Shellwords` library.

> To check if code isn’t used in other bundles before removing it: 
> Would it be sufficient to search across all bundles that are listed in 
> TextMate’s bundle index?

Yes, I think if none of “our” bundles use the code, there should be 
no need to support it anymore.

> (Btw, where can I find the source of this index?)

This code will echo the “git clone” instructions required to clone 
all bundles in the index (pipe it to `sh` when you ensure it works):

	pp ~/Library/Application\ 
Support/TextMate/Managed/Cache/org.textmate.updates.default \
     |grep -o 'https://api.textmate.org/.*\.tbz' \
     |while read url; do curl -s $url \
     |tar -jxO info.plist|pp \
     |sed -n 's/.*url = "\(.*git.*\)";/\1/p' \
     |( read repos; echo git clone $repos ); done

Here `pp` is the property list tool found in the _Property List_ bundle 
(under `Support/bin`).

It basically just reads a property list from stdin and outputs the 
old-style format to stdout so that we can easily grep it. A bit like 
`pl` but that tool lacks support for binary property lists.

And you will btw need to clone all the repositories because the deployed 
versions use binary property lists, so searching these would not find 
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