[TxMt] Weird file not updating problem

Jack Royal-Gordon jackrg at pobox.com
Sat Aug 20 06:57:04 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I made some changes to a file that was open as part of a Rails project (the whole project was opened) and saved the changes. TextMate showed the file as having no unsaved changes. However, inspecting the file outside of TextMate, I could see that the the changes were not saved. I rebooted my computer and when TextMate reopened, there was the file with my changes showing (but which were not saved although again it showed as having no unsaved changes). I had to close the file, reopen it, and re-apply the changes before saving again in order to actually save the changes (I probably could’ve copied the entire file onto the clipboard before I closed and reopened and made the changes that way, but I didn’t expect the changes to be gone).

Before opening an issue on GitHub, I wanted to see if this was a known issue with 2.0-beta.12. I’m running on OS X 10.11.6. Let me know if you need any other configuration information or have any thoughts that might help me to reliably reproduce this problem (I’ve noticed a couple times where files that were left open while changing GIT branches did not recognize that the underlying files had changed as TextMate 1 did. Might this be an issue with capturing directory change events?

Thanks in advance for helping!


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