[TxMt] Re: Find in project => Replace All only replaces occurences in some files

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Aug 11 10:43:33 UTC 2016

On 11 Aug 2016, at 12:15, Koen Punt wrote:

> When I do a "Find in Project" and click "Replace All", the dialog 
> states "2
> replacements made across 1 file(s)".
> But when I run the search again,  I get the same results. When I open 
> the
> concerning file, and click "Replace All", the replace goes just fine.

I am unable to reproduce this. Can you provide exact steps to reproduce? 
Would be best to start with an entirely new project and mention every 
step, e.g. I did the following myself to test your report:

	mkdir /tmp/project && echo foo > /tmp/project/foo.txt && mate 

Then ⇧⌘F + enter `foo` + press return (one match found), enter `bar` 
as replacement and click _Replace All_.

For me this does the replacement and running the search again does not 
find `foo`.

> Also, turns out it's possible to click on "n replacements made ...", 
> which
> makes it blue. Does this serve a purpose?

When you do a Find All you can click the status text to see how many 
bytes were searched (instead of files). This is done with a “toggle 
button”, it did not originally change color, but some OS upgrade 
introduced this, and I have not bothered with trying to address it.

Since the “n replacements made…” is the same label text view, it 
has the same behavior.
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