[TxMt] Saw the new nightly build. That was fast, thanks! One more question...

Bert zanglebert at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 13:00:59 UTC 2016

 > It would be easy to read this from user defaults instead, though
 > you may also need preferences as to how to truncate a title.

Tinkered a bit myself yesterday with the source, it sort of worked, but 
I always seemed to break the layout in some subtle way (I guess it 
didn't help that I didn't quite understand what 'tabViewSpacing' does
exactly). So when I noticed the brandnew build with the new user default 
settings I felt a bit stupid.

Seriously though, thanks!

One last question if you allow: minimumTabSize and maximumTabSize don't 
behave exactly like I initially thought they would. For example, setting 
minimumTabSize = maximumTabSize = some_value made me expect
all tabs would now be of identical (horizontal) width, at any time, but 
that's not the case (long file names still get wider tabs than what is 
set in maximumTabSize).

That's by design I assume, as in: maximumTabSize only kicks in when the 
tab bar overflows. Did I get that right?

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