[TxMt] Coloured SCM gutter marks ftw!

Stefan Daschek stefan at daschek.net
Sun Aug 7 10:54:24 UTC 2016

This has already been discussed almost two years ago: 

I just realized that since beta 9.3 it is possible to use coloured 
images for the gutter, so I decided to give it a try (see attached 

I like this look, especially as warning marks stand out much better now 
against the SCM status marks.

If you’re interested, here’s the fork: 

In the discussion back then Allan mentioned that he considered adding a 
dedicated “diff” api:

> I like the mockup; but for the API, there are several parameters that
> set it apart from the single-color scalable shape one can currently
> place to the left of a line, so it would probably be better to make a
> dedicated “diff” API where the command set the status for a line
> range, and then it’s up to TextMate, how to visualize that.

Is this something that will be implemented in the foreseeable future? Or 
should I try to polish my current solution to make it ready for merging? 
(Open questions are at least: How to adapt for different gutter 
background colours? What about colour-blind people [1]?)

[1]: http://lists.macromates.com/textmate/2014-October/037980.html

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