[TxMt] Re: What are marks an how to set?

Jacob Carlborg doob at me.com
Tue Apr 19 16:17:32 UTC 2016

On 2016-04-19 17:28, feek wrote:
> Hi,
> seems odd, but I really do not know what marks are and how to set them (and
> how many)? It seems related to the keybinding setMark.
> In the latest release version 2.0-beta.9.1 the jump to next/previous mark
> shortcuts have been changed to F3/⇧F3. So I was wondering how to set them ;)
> and what is the difference with bookmarks?

A mark will show up in the gutter, to the left of the line numbers, as 
an icon. If you click on the icon a popover will open with a message.

You can set marks using "mate --set-mark", see "mate -h" for more 
information. For example, "mate --set-mark error:foobar --line 3 
foo.txt" will open the file "foo.txt" and set a mark at line 3 with an 
icon corresponding to "error" with the message "foobar".

Marks can be used for showing compile errors or warnings for example. 
The built-in runner supports marks. You can test this by creating a new 
file called "foo.rb" with the following content "class Foo". Select Ruby 
as the language and run the file using Cmd+R. You should now see a 
warning icon in the gutter, pressing the icon should show a popover with 
the text: "syntax error, unexpected end-of-input".

/Jacob Carlborg

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