[TxMt] Re: Interested in helping out with TextMate development

Stefan Daschek stefan at daschek.net
Sun Apr 10 16:57:38 UTC 2016

Am 10.04.16 um 18:51 schrieb Curt Sellmer:
> On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 7:58 AM, Josh Bernitt <jjbernitt at gmail.com
> <mailto:jjbernitt at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Is that in addition to hitting ⌘F? I can do ⌘E ⌘F and that uses my
>     selection for Find. I was thinking of bypassing the manual choice
>     entirely and always using the highlighted portion of text as the
>     Find value. It’s how Sublime Text, Atom, and IntelliJ all work, but
>     perhaps that’s not the best then? All those other editors are not
>     native Mac apps, so maybe if I try to bypass the ⌘E, that will
>     detract from the native experience and choice. I had not considered
>     that at all. Thoughts?
> ​I would prefer to keep it as is.  This change would also be awkward
> with the ​"Find in Selection" feature which I find is quite useful.

+1 to keep the current behaviour (at least as an option).

One of things I do really often:

  1) Select a string I want to replace and press ⌘E to make it the 
current search string.
  2) Select a part of my document.
  3) Press ⌘⌥F to do a “Find All” restricted to the current selection.
  4) Start typing to replace each occurance at once (multiple carets are 
such a great feature, btw!)

(I omit step 1 if the thing I want to replace is already the current 
search string.)


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