[TxMt] Re: Cancelling a multiple selection?

Kai Wood lists at kwood.eu
Wed May 13 17:39:09 UTC 2015

On 13.05.2015, at 17:43, Igor <me at igorkozlov.me> wrote:
>> On May 13, 2015, at 6:24 PM, Kai Wood <lists at kwood.eu> wrote:
>> It’s inconsistent and depends on your position in the document. If you are on line 1, you hit the top of the document and your cursors lands on line 2. If you start on line 2, your final position is on line 2.
>> Additionally, with this technique the cursor stops *behind* the current word, not at the position where you started.
> I don’t understand your point. Here’s a little video that shows that it’s actually very consistent and easy to predict.
> When I press up a single caret appears above the first one. When up press down it appears below the last one.
> http://d.pr/v/mbk1

Small video to make my point:


It shows three outcomes with the up-down combo. In the first one I end on the second line of the block. In the second one I end on the first line of the block. And in the third one on the first line, but on the end of a word.

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