[TxMt] Re: Tapping option key for column selection - broken?

Matt Neuburg matt at tidbits.com
Mon Jun 22 19:47:28 UTC 2015

> On Jun 22, 2015, at 5:24 AM, Allan Odgaard <mailinglist at textmate.org> wrote:
> On 19 Jun 2015, at 16:18, Matt Neuburg wrote:
>> Nor could I, but I do it by Option-dragging. What I'm talking about is double-tap-the-Option-key to convert a normal selection into a column select.
>> I'm not saying this is bad; I'm just saying watch out (or warn users to watch out), because playing with this feature can cause a system-level feature to kick in. m.
> I wasn’t aware about the system shortcuts so I appreciate the information.
> The option key is unlikely going to clash (it’s btw just a single tap), even for people who have the accessibility feature enabled.
> The shift thing could in theory clash, in that someone with the feature enabled, using TextMate’s double-tap shift to deselect last (as well), and wanting to quickly deselect the last 3 selections made, which would be 6 consecutive taps of shift, which would then toggle sticky keys.
> In practice though, it seems that TextMate’s use of shift clashes with Launchbar, which I am told defaults to use double-tapping shift as it’s activation key.
> I haven’t yet decided what should be done about this.

I don't know that it's the default. The default is Command-Space, as far as I know. But double-tapping shift is a permitted shortcut. I don't know whether anyone actually uses it! I'd say the situation here is the same as with sticky keys; you probably just need to make sure the user is warned that there can be conflict. m.

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