[TxMt] Re: Select Bundle Item… hangs

Rob McBroom mailinglist0 at skurfer.com
Thu Jul 16 12:26:07 UTC 2015

On 16 Jul 2015, at 7:53, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> Please keep a backup though! If it’s corrupt (the cause), I would 
> like to get a copy.

You mean if `BundlesIndex.binary` is corrupt? That doesn’t appear to 
be the case.

I tried removing the most suspicious bundle first: my personal one. Of 
course that was the one causing the problem.

Before I try to fix it, I’ve made a copy in case you want to reproduce 
the problem of the infinite loop. http://cl.ly/2t2g0F0L2A3N

Thanks again.

Rob McBroom
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