[TxMt] Re: Changing background colour based on file name

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Tue Nov 18 15:00:20 UTC 2014

On 18 Nov 2014, at 15:41, Baldwin, Dave wrote:

>> Here’s a simpler solution:
>>   [ Build/** ]
>> 	  windowTitle = "$windowTitle **** BUILD **** "
> Can you explain what is going on here?

The first line (`[ Build/** ]`) means that settings below that line are 
only applied to file paths that match the pattern `Build/**`, i.e. files 
under the `Build` directory.

The next line simply appends a `**** BUILD ****` to the `windowTitle` 
variable (which has a default value from the default properties file 
included with TextMate).

> Also what is the magic to get the
> git branch name?

If you use ⌃⌘T (Bundles → Select Bundle Item…) and switch to 
settings, then enter `windowtitle` and you’ll see that it gets 
assigned to from `Defaults.tmProperties`. You can select to “edit” 
it to see the full properties file, which reveal how the default title 
is constructed.

> This is also shown as the syntax:
> (?«var»:«if»:«else»)
> which is what I have (as far as I can see).

Sorry, I didn’t read your code carefully.

Your issue is that you try to match `Build` and if it matches, replace 
it with `**** BUILD ****`.

Now, incase you do not match `Build` then no replacement is done, which 
means the value of TM_DIRECTORY is inserted as-is.

So what you should have used was something like this:

     ${TM_DIRECTORY/(.*Build.*)|.*/(?1:**** BUILD ****:)/}

Here we always match the entire value of TM_DIRECTORY, and only if 
capture register 1 is set, do we replace it with `**** BUILD ****`. If 
nothing is captured, we replace the entire string with nothing.

>> The manual has the full syntax here:
>> http://manual.textmate.org/references.html#format-string
> I was aware of this but without some explanation it is too cryptic and 
> I
> am sure the majority of TM users are in the same boat.

Right, the manual is still work-in-progress (and very incomplete), but 
it has the full/exact format string syntax.

The blog post from James has a lot of examples about how to use format 
strings in practice.

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