[TxMt] Re: Changing background colour based on file name

Baldwin, Dave dave.baldwin at intel.com
Tue Nov 18 13:10:55 UTC 2014

My attempt of changing the window title:

windowTitle = "$TM_DISPLAYNAME ­
${TM_DIRECTORY/(.*Build.*)/(?1:**** BUILD ****:)/}"

sort of works in that when I am editing a file in the Build directory or
sub directory I get the **** Build **** at the end of the window title,
but when I am not in a Build directory I get the full path at the end of
the window title.  I though the ?1:Š:Š replacement is saying if capture 1
exists use the first Š as the replacement string else use the second Š as
the replacement string.

Searching on the internet and in the TM2 manual has turned up a dearth of
information on format strings.  The article by James Gray in 2011 was
about the only reference, but trying to deduce the syntax from the
examples doesn¹t make for good documentation in my opinion.


On 14/11/2014 13:31, "Allan Odgaard" <mailinglist at textmate.org> wrote:

>On 14 Nov 2014, at 18:30, Baldwin, Dave wrote:
>> [Š] I recall you can do something with the window title so this may
>> be one way to help, but using colour would make it easier to see
>> rather than having to read the full path name.
>Currently only the windowTitle is settable per-file (to get a visual
>chagne to the window).
>I have the issue myself (sometimes a compiler error links to a header
>file that has been copied to my build directory, which I want to be
>visually different than regular header files).
>Long-term it should be possible to set different themes based on
>path/file type, just haven¹t gotten around to it yetŠ
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