[TxMt] Re: larger click target on double chevron in rightmost tab?

Bas Van Klinkenberg txmt at vanklinkenbergsoftware.nl
Fri Nov 14 13:50:35 UTC 2014

>> A very tiny request: would it be much trouble to make the click target for the double chevron button on the rightmost tab (visible when more files are open than there is space for tabs) extend till the edge of the tab? I mis-click 7 out of 10 times…
> Is this on Yosemite or earlier?

This is on Mavericks.

> On Yosemite I can put the right margin inside the image (3 pixels) to make it part of the clickable area.

That would probably make the difference between hit and miss. I always seem to click one pixel above or below the chevron somehow.

> On Mavericks and earlier it’s more difficult because the layout is “button” followed by 3 pixels of spacing and then “right edge image of tab”, where the latter visually has about 5 pixels of “tab area”, but making that the hotspot for the overflow button would require hardcoding in something which is otherwise general purpose code (to support multiple styles based on OS).

That is too much trouble I think. I’d also better take this opportunity to learn the keyboard shortcuts for cycling through tabs :-)

Thanks for looking into it.

Best regards,

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