[TxMt] Command using Applescript doesn't work in Yosemite

Rasmus Malver rasmus at malver.dk
Wed Nov 12 10:00:24 UTC 2014

Hello there,

TextMate 2 removed the option of new-from-template, so with your help I 
created a command. After updating to Yosemite and TextMate 2.0-beta.6 it 
stopped working.

*Compressed version of the problem*

    tell application "System Events"
         keystroke "p"
    end tell


    HTML5:63:122: execution error: An error of type -10810 has occurred.

HTML5 is the name of the command. I don't know what 63 and 122 refers 
to, as there are only 18 lines in my command. Is it perhaps a 
permissions problem?

All the best,

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