[TxMt] Re: Recent change to the SVN commit pane

Ronald Wampler rdwampler at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 19:06:44 UTC 2014

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 6:29 PM, Jonathan Monahan <jonathan at monahan.co.uk> wrote:

> The little arrow just hides and shows the grid.  The cog drop-down only
> offers check/uncheck all.  Maybe I'm missing something?

You need to select a file in the table and then the button will show
the available "actions" for that file.

> Thanks for the pointers; they were helpful in understanding the aim of the
> changes.  I see that the individual diffs are opened in a separate window
> but tied to the project, which makes sense.  Following that idea, I guess
> what I would like to see is an option to open all of the diffs in one tab on
> that, i.e. the same as Command-Shift-A, Command-Y, "Diff with working copy
> (BASE)" and double-click the tab, which is my current dance that I have to
> remember to do before opening the Commit pane.  Perhaps another option in
> the cog drop-down along with check/uncheck all?

I think adding a "Show Diff for all files" option in the menu would be
feasible, but as Allan mentioned, altering the bundle to show the diff
like the Git bundle would allow for potentially more features.

> This is basically the fundamental problem I am getting at.  As I wrote
> above, the new pane in beta 6 is much better than it was in beta 1, and it
> could be improved further with an 'open all diffs' button, but in the end
> the modality means you cannot access the tabs.  On the other hand, I also
> see Ronald's original point that you can end up with several Commit windows
> with the old UI.  It happened to me occasionally too.  Maybe we just need a
> preference setting to have it either way?

The problem is we would have to have different styling for the commit
window when ran as sheet versus a separate window/dialog.

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