[TxMt] Re: bug in macro recording

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Nov 6 11:01:52 UTC 2014

On 22 Oct 2014, at 0:16, Carpii UK wrote:

> Just spotted a little bug in macro recording, whereby it doesn't seem 
> to
> record undo operations […]

Yeah, this has actually never worked (not in TextMate 1.x either). For 
now, if one makes a mistake while recording a macro, either start over 
or fix the source of the recorded macro.

The problem is that undo is context dependent so for it to work in 
macros, we need to unrecord the logical operations done, but the undo 
stack does not have that info, furthermore, we would need to also handle 
redo, so extra bookkeeping would be required when undoing in a macro, 
and we may also need to support undoing more than recorded actions, 
which would need to not group the entire replay of a macro as a single 
undoable action.

So all in all a lot of complexity, hence why it hasn’t been tackled 

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