[TxMt] Re: Broken "Paste Document / Selection Online…"

René Schwaiger sanssecours at f-m.fm
Tue Nov 4 10:23:40 UTC 2014

Quinn Comendant wrote
> My "Paste Document / Selection Online…" command isn't working (TM2
> 2.0-beta.1). I haven't used it in awhile so not sure when it broke, but it
> is identical in content to
> https://github.com/textmate/textmate.tmbundle/blob/master/Commands/Paste%20Selection%20:%20Line%20Online%E2%80%A6.tmCommand
> The error I get is:
> ----
> The script failed with the following exception:
> NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
> At line 70 in ‘TextMate_command.z1Zsvt’ (inside method ‘get_destinations’)
> At line 69 in ‘TextMate_command.z1Zsvt’ (inside method ‘each’)
> At line 69 in ‘TextMate_command.z1Zsvt’ (inside method ‘get_destinations’)
> At line 66 in ‘TextMate_command.z1Zsvt’ (inside method ‘each’)
> At line 66 in ‘TextMate_command.z1Zsvt’ (inside method ‘get_destinations’)
> At line 213 in ‘TextMate_command.z1Zsvt’ (top level)
> At line 13 in ‘detach.rb’ (inside method ‘call’)
> At line 13 in ‘detach.rb’ (inside method ‘detach’)
> At line 8 in ‘detach.rb’ (inside method ‘fork’)
> At line 8 in ‘detach.rb’ (inside method ‘detach’)
> At line 212 in ‘TextMate_command.z1Zsvt’ (top level)
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Hi Quinn,

the command works fine for me (TextMate 2.0-beta.5.3, OS X 10.10). You
mention that your “Paste Document / Selection Online…” is identical to that
of the original bundle. Does this mean that you cloned the bundle and
modified some parts of it? If so, does the command in the original bundle
work? Which version of OS X do you use? Does the bundle work if you revert
to the  default settings
<https://github.com/textmate/textmate/wiki/Reverting-To-Defaults>  ?

Kind regards,

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