[TxMt] Re: Textmate 2 beta 3 crashing on Yosemite

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sun Nov 2 12:11:31 UTC 2014

On 31 Oct 2014, at 1:15, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> So far the best workaround I have been able to come up with is to 
> recreate the WebView if the window has been closed (by a command).
> I did this in 2.0-beta.5.2 which is available by option-clicking Check 
> Now in Preferences → Software Update.

This build got 86 downloads and I saw a total of 2 crashes from that 
build, one was opening the HTML output window and the other was closing 
it. I assume that this was from people who had manually closed the HTML 
output window (for which I did not disable re-use).

I have now disabled re-use of HTML output windows that are closed and 
pushed that as nightly build beta 5.3.

There is still the theoretical case where a user closes an output window 
and then manually opens it, here we still re-use the window, so a crash 
can still happen (if my thesis is correct); however, this should be rare 
so it should be possible to get the thesis verified even without 
including this case.

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