[TxMt] Clipboard History - problem with larger text chunks

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Wed Mar 26 10:07:56 UTC 2014


I'm using quite often the wonderful Clipboard History functionality but …

since I see the improvements to be able to work with larger text files, I'm also copying larger text chunks (from 1MB to 5MB) across documents and applications resp. If I do this the Clipboard History (in conjunction with TM) becomes unresponsive and I've to kill TM. I also can't delete the Clipboard History due to the fact that I've to open window in beforehand. The only chance is to delete the Clipboard History physical files.

I wonder if one could improve it a bit. Here some thoughts:

- make it possible to delete the Clipboard History from outside that window (maybe in conjunction with the chance to delete only those entries which are large than xy kBytes)

- make it possible to terminate the opening of the window if the size is too large

To avoid such unresponsive behaviour in generell 

- one also could think of to restrict the size of an entry which should be stored, i.e. let's say store only the clipboard content if the size is less than xy kBytes [I think this is the easiest way]

- or if the Clipboard History is called load into the TableView only "a preview or head" (only the first 10 kBytes or so - and which can be hold in a different DB) of the stored items and if the user starts searching the search will be performed outside of the TableView (in file/database)

Is not an urgent issue but … ;)

Kind regards,

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