[TxMt] Re: line position go to symbol

Matt Neuburg matt at tidbits.com
Sat Mar 15 17:00:30 UTC 2014

On Mar 15, 2014, at 12:11 AM, Ross Ahmed <rossahmed at googlemail.com> wrote:

> If I go to a line using Navigate > Go to Symbol (shift + command + T), the line I go to could potentially be positioned anywhere on the page. Sometimes it is near the bottom of the page, sometimes near the middle. Is it possible to always position the line at the top of the page?

I agree. Sometimes it doesn't seem to be on the page at all. I believe this is connected somehow with the problem I noted before, where as you scroll up there is a delay before display of the text. My theory is that the text has not been rendered so TextMate doesn't really know where it is and how long it is, and thus where to scroll to. Of course that's just a theory. m.

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