[TxMt] Problem of Representations of Special Chars in a Bidirectional Text

Reza Mohammadi reza at teeleh.ir
Sat Mar 8 13:41:43 UTC 2014

For the placeholder of special characters (<U+XXXX>s), the bidirectional
category of placeholders should match the bidirectional category of the
original character. Although I guess almost all of those special characters
which are represented by <U+XXXX> belongs to Boundary_Neutral class.

For example, here you can see what has happened when I've replaced 2 spaces
with Zero-width non-joiners:

[image: تصویر درون برنامه‌ای 1]

Here is the textual version, which is rendered correctly in my browser
(Chrome 33):

  (متن راست به چپ)
    (متن راست‌به‌چپ)

Properties of U+200C: http://unicode.org/cldr/utility/character.jsp?a=200C

I'm interested in working on it and submitting a pull request, if you
accept this semi-feature-request and specify which solution is preferred. I
have a workaround suggestion: replacing them with some symbolic characters,
for example ⦿ for null, ↩︎ for line separator, ╵ for zero-width space, ╽
for zero-width non-joiner, ╈ zero-width joiner, ...

Best regards
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