[TxMt] Re: Re-send previous code block to R console

Ross Ahmed rossahmed at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 7 07:04:03 UTC 2014

I¹m guessing the previous code block is defined by ³whatever code was last
sent to R app + any changes².

Rdaemon looks interesting. But one issue I can see is that columns of
data.frames are not aligned. Is it possible to get columns aligned?


On 06/03/2014 19:18, "Hans-Jörg Bibiko" <bibiko at eva.mpg.de> wrote:

>Hi Ross,
>On 06 Mar 2014, at 19:44, Ross Ahmed <rossahmed at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Let's say I'm working in a .R file on this block of code:
>> mtcars_sub <- subset(mtcars, cyl == 6)
>> mtcars_lm <- lm(mpg ~ disp, mtcars)
>> summary(mtcars_lm)
>> I highlight the block of code and send it to the R console. Following
>>this, I then edit the code block (predictor added to model), so it
>> mtcars_sub <- subset(mtcars, cyl == 6)
>> mtcars_lm <- lm(mpg ~ disp + wt, mtcars)
>> summary(mtcars_lm)
>> Can I send the edited code block to the R console, using a keyboard
>>shortcut, without having to go back and highlight it? This feature is
>>implemented in RStudio and is something I miss after having switched to
>well, this kind of feature isn't implemented. Here arises one question:
>How do you define the "previous code block"? In terms of lines, or of the
>begin- and end-characters?
>I do not know RStudio very well but maybe I can figure out how it defines
>On the other hand, did you try the Rdaemon, which means to run R within a
>normal TextMate editor window (with ALL the TM features)? I find this way
>to work with R very powerful. Ok, firstly you will be a bit confused that
>this kind of a R-console is "non-linear in time" meaning you can go up
>lines, edit stuff and re-run code from there, but it turned out (also on
>basis of many users) that the Rdaemon opens unforeseen possibilities.
>If not, simply set a TM window to R Console (Rdaemon), read the Help, and
>then type into an empty line "start" and press TAB.
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