[TxMt] Re: Python indentation

Rob McBroom mailinglist0 at skurfer.com
Wed Mar 5 20:43:39 UTC 2014

On 5 Mar 2014, at 15:32, Iain Allan wrote:

> I changed disableIndentCorrections from ‘1’ to ‘emptyLines’ in 
> the Python bundle and it has reverted to the old behaviour.

Oh, I didn’t realize the Python bundle disabled it. I don’t think it 
did originally, so I had just done it globally for all scopes.

Like I said, I was using “:true” before. I wonder if “1” and 
“:true” were equivalent before, but something in the last update 
causes “1” not to be parsed the same way. If so, the Python bundle 
probably needs to be changed.

Rob McBroom

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