[TxMt] Re: configure error - "Unknown signee" while downloading TextMate Bundles

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Tue Jul 29 20:35:53 UTC 2014

On 12 Jun 2014, at 8:57, David Hislop wrote:

> […] These changes didn't fix the problem but at least showed that 
> SecItemImport was returning errSecAddinLoadFailed
> […] I have no idea why this was a problem for me and not for others.

I have since fixed the issues you pointed out and wanted to add a test, 
but when I revisisted it today I realized that a test would be redundant 
because the s/w update tests already check the signature validation code 
(which also use the keychain).

One thing that might explain your issue could be if you have a 
“corrupt” external keychain, this would be ~/Library/Application 
Support/TextMate/Managed/KeyChain.plist — TextMate will prefer this 
file when checking bundle signatures (unlike for s/w update).

I removed support for this in HEAD since we newer introduced third party 
bundle sources (which was the point of having the signing keys on disk 
where user could add to them).

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