[TxMt] rmate and sudo

Ingo Lantschner lists14 at lantschner.name
Sat Jul 5 05:26:16 UTC 2014

when using the awesome **rmate** to remote-edit some files I ran into 
the problem that I had to use sudo for writing into a file.

     ubuntu at ubuntu:/etc/apache2$ rmate httpd.conf
     File httpd.conf is not writable! Use -f/--force to open anyway.

     ubuntu at ubuntu:/etc/apache2$ sudo rmate httpd.conf
     ubuntu at ubuntu:/etc/apache2$ /usr/local/bin/rmate:157:in 
`initialize': Connection refused - connect(2) (Errno::ECONNREFUSED)
     	from /usr/local/bin/rmate:157:in `new'
     	from /usr/local/bin/rmate:157:in `connect_and_handle_cmds'
     	from /usr/local/bin/rmate:207:in `block in <main>'
     	from /usr/local/bin/rmate:206:in `fork'
     	from /usr/local/bin/rmate:206:in `<main>'

The documentation mentions a sudo-replacement *rvmsudo* which keeps the 
environment. But this seems not to part of the standard repositories, 
which makes it nearly impossible to install it on a clients machine.

Any idea?

Kind regards, Ingo

Ingo Lantschner

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