[TxMt] Re: TextMate 2 can quit without offering to save open dirty documents

Jason Smith jason at ncpod.org
Sun Jan 19 20:34:11 UTC 2014

Hear, hear. I often use TextMate as quasi-persistent scratch space while developing. I don't care to keep it long term, but I do want it to persist across sessions. Just checked, and my current suite of tasks (8 of them) have a total of 9 scratch space tabs.

It would be quite annoying to have to cycle through those on something as simple as an update relaunch, when I'm not going to save them in the long run anyway.

Again, I find this consistent with the newer standard OS X behavior. Saving files explicitly just to preserve content *without* closing the window seems to be considered deprecated by Apple. 


> On Jan 19, 2014, at 8:34, Stefan Daschek <stefan at daschek.net> wrote:
> No, please don’t nag me about saving untitled documents (as long as I have "Open documents from last session" enabled, of course)! I really like this behaviour!
> Stefan
> Am Sun Jan 19 17:25:25 2014 schrieb Curt Sellmer:
>> I can reproduce it reliably like this:
>> Start TextMate.  Press Cmd-N to open a new document.  Type something
>> in the file.  Press Cmd-Q to quit.
>> I am not prompted to save the untitled document.  In preferences I
>> have "Open documents from last session" selected.
>> I start TextMate again, and I am presented with the untitled
>> document.  So nothing is lost, but it does seem that I should be
>> prompted to save.
>> On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 10:17 AM, Matt Neuburg <matt at tidbits.com
>> <mailto:matt at tidbits.com>> wrote:
>>    I assure you there is no crash and no special "kill". We are
>>    quitting in good order. It's just that sometimes (rarely and under
>>    circumstances I can't readily reproduce) TextMate "forgets" to
>>    offer to save a modified untitled unsaved document. One can only
>>    hope that others will notice and report this and that eventually a
>>    way of reproducing may be discovered... m.
>>    On Jan 19, 2014, at 1:52 AM, Allan Odgaard
>>    <mailinglist at textmate.org <mailto:mailinglist at textmate.org>> wrote:
>>    > On 14 Jan 2014, at 1:23, Matt Neuburg wrote:
>>    >
>>    >> […] Holy cow there are a lot of "untitled" documents in this
>>    folder. I don't know whether to be critical that these are kept
>>    for so long or to rejoice that these are kept for so long. :) Is
>>    it my job to clean these out manually from time to time?
>>    >
>>    > Ideally TextMate would clean it up, but I think if you select
>>    “Don’t Save” during termination, TM will instantly quit before
>>    cleaning up potential backup files. There might also be a few
>>    other cases. I haven’t considered it a serious issue, instead it’s
>>    sort of a feature :)
>>    >
>>    >> […]
>>    >> It just did it again. After using TextMate 2 for a while and
>>    then closing everything was open, one by one, I did a New, typed
>>    in it, and did a Quit - and TextMate vanished off the screen
>>    without offering to save. (And yes, it's in the Session folder all
>>    right, saved as "untitled 15".)
>>    >
>>    > Did you use ⌘Q? Could it be that you have that key overloaded to
>>    send “kill” to TextMate?
>>    >
>>    >> Hmmm, you say "and furthermore not restore it after launch".
>>    But on my machine TextMate 2 does not restore anything after
>>    launch, ever. This may be because I have unchecked "Open documents
>>    from last session." But I have done that because I expect to be
>>    offered a chance to save when I quit […]
>>    >
>>    > With this disabled, it should warn about unsaved untitled
>>    documents and does so here.
>>    >
>>    >> […] There is no "restore after launch" behavior on my machine
>>    (with my settings). And that's exactly how I want it - but only
>>    because I expect to be offered a chance to save _always_, not just
>>    most of the time.
>>    >
>>    > It should be “always”. I don’t know what could cause it to not
>>    do it all the time other than maybe a crash during exit? If you
>>    find a pattern then do let us know. To check if you did have a
>>    crash during exit, it should have added such info to Notification
>>    Center (unless you disabled submitting of crash reports).
>>    >
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