[TxMt] Why does TextMate need an Avian and a TextMate folder in Library/Application Support

Torsten Walter textmate at nerdgore.de
Tue Jan 7 08:06:16 UTC 2014


I am a TextMate 2 Alpha user since the day it was made public. However, some months ago an update of it shredded my TM1 installation because the support folder was then renamed from "Avian" to "TextMate". This was unfortunate but I could live with it since I only relied on TM1 for HTML zen coding anyway.

Once in a while I am trying out new bundles and I am noticing that if I want to install bundles manually I still have to do this in "Application Support/Avian/Pristine Copy/Bundles" since TextMate will ignore everything in "Application Support/TextMate/Bundles" or "Application Support/TextMate/Pristine Copy/Bundles".

Maybe there is a deeper sense to it I just don't get but I find this really confusing and thus hard to work with.
Or maybe I am just getting it wrong and there is a command I need to run or a file I need to delete for this to work properly.

Any help or info regarding this is greatly appreciated.


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