[TxMt] Re: Help request regarding TM and Python.

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sun Jan 5 10:42:14 UTC 2014

On 3 Jan 2014, at 23:44, Gabriele Battaglia wrote:

> Yes, it is a big shame that TM has this trouble executing scripts that 
> requests interaction with user throw the keyboard. I strongly wish it 
> could be fixed as soon as possible, even because, I guess, lots of 
> scripts have those kind of raw_input and input commands.

It’s unfortunately not simply “fixing” something as it requires 
emulating an interactive terminal device. The initial solution we 
provided overloaded a dozen low-level system calls for reading from the 
standard input file descriptor, but it had some unfortunate 

I think the proper way to support it is to provide some sort of 
pseudo-terminal environment for the programs being launched. But it’s 
something I know very little about (terminal emulation).

> I would like to ask you something more: is there the possibility to 
> switch the format of the output windows? I would like rather a simple 
> plain text output, than the HTML one.
> How can I suggest to the DEVs team, to add this feature? It seems also 
> quit easy to implement and it will be very helpful for other blind 
> users too.

I assume this request comes from suboptimal VoiceOver support for the 
HTML output (compared to plain text).

The styling of the output window is customizable and is used by many 
commands, so I wonder if improvements can be done to the styling in 
order to improve accessibility support?

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