[TxMt] Re: Strange multi-caret behavior in Ruby block

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Mon Feb 24 08:06:14 UTC 2014

On 20 Feb 2014, at 2:57, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

> On 2014-02-19 18:36, Koen Punt wrote:
>> When removing the argument of an autocompleted block and pressing 
>> return will result in multiple carets spread over 3 lines. (see 
>> attached video). Anyone else noticed this behavior? Maybe also in 
>> other languages/grammars?
> I've noticed something similar when declaring a new method with a 
> command […]

Yeah, it’s a general issue with empty overlapping snippet mirrors, but 
no-one brought it up until now, so I never bothered looking into it ;)

It will be fixed for next build.

That said, the original do⇥ + ⌫ + ↩ will still give a result where 
more than one newline is inserted, this has to do with how the snippet 
is crafted and could be addressed by updating the snippet, so if it’s 
a desired workflow, let me know.

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