[TxMt] TextMate 2 + LaTeX == 'Error: Could not open to check for packages'

Florian Jug florian.jug at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 23:53:45 UTC 2014


I looked around for quite some while now, but everything I found online did
either not apply for TextMate 2 any more or did just not help me to solve my

I am using:
- OSX 10.9 (latest updates installed)
- TeXLive 2009 (now also 2013)
- latest LaTeX bundle (reinstalled just before)

What happens:
- I open a file that compiles just fine from terminal using pdflatex in
TextMate 2.
- I hit command+r
- The HTML output window opens ans says (twice in different font size, one
on top of other): "Error: Could not open to check for packages." And in a
second line it continues: "This is most likely a problem with
- The main TextMate window then also said: "Failure running 'Typeset&View
(PDF)'. Command returned status code 1."

Some more info:
- I do try to compile a simple file, no includes or imports... So I guess I
do not need TM_LATEX_MASTER, do I?
- The LaTeX bundle is set up to use pdflatex.
- Using "defaults write com.macromates.textmate latexDebug 1" does not cause
any additional outputs within TextMates GUI, nor in the Console.

What else did I try:
- I completely reset all TextMate settings (by deleting several folders and
files as suggested somewhere in the net) -- this changed a LOT, my TextMate
was certainly not the same any longer... but error remained the same.

If anybody has ANY idea what the most likely totally braindead and stupid
thing is that I do not see... please let me know... you'd be my personal
hero and I will worship you for weeks... ;)


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