[TxMt] Re: Show Java console output as plain text in tool tip

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Feb 13 02:54:26 UTC 2014

On 12 Feb 2014, at 17:09, Fredrik Östling wrote:

> […] When I edit the Compile & Run Menu Action to show the output in 
> tool tip and set the format to text the console output is indeed shown 
> in a tool tip but it's shown as HTML. How do prevent TextMate from 
> generating HTML in this case?

Making this as a modicication of the current command is a little 
involved, since the current command uses TextMate.Executor to manage 
running the java compiler, and that API is what outputs the HTML.

It might be simpler to just make a new command with tool tip output, and 
make that command run your java. I think this should suffice to compile 
and run a single file:

	javac "$TM_FILENAME" && java "${TM_FILENAME%.java}"

Set the command to “Save: Current Document” and scope selector to 

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