[TxMt] Re: TextMate 2 Change Markdown Heading Theme

Tim Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 16:45:18 UTC 2014

That’s the right place.

Try cmd-A; cmd-X; cmd-V to force a re-processing of the text… 

TM is nicely lazy about checking things :-)

On 11 Feb 2014, at 09:39, Alan Curtis <alan.curtis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Under Edit Bundles: Themes : Settings : Markup:Heading 1, I tried to change the size of the font to something smaller, but it didn’t seem to work.
> How do I change the size of the displayed heading in Markdown mode?

{	fontName = 'Baskerville';
	fontSize = '2.25em';

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