[TxMt] Re: Issue tracker?

Boris Dušek me at dusek.me
Sun Apr 27 10:13:14 UTC 2014

(I am terribly sorry for the delay in response, but I was busy with other things...)

On Apr 9, 2014, at 2:22 PM, Allan Odgaard <mailinglist at textmate.org> wrote:

> On 9 Apr 2014, at 3:19, Boris Dušek wrote:
>> […] another idea occurred to me - maybe I could then open GitHub issues on my fork of textmate […]
> I like this idea as it might mitigate some of the scalability problems of GitHub Issues and allows a README associated with reporting an issue, so I went ahead and did:
> - https://github.com/textmate/bugs
> - https://github.com/textmate/requests

I originally meant e.g. enabling issues at https://github.com/dusek/textmate/issues, but this should work as well.

I don’t understand a few things:

- am I supposed to clone textmate/bugs into dusek/bugs (and similarly for requests) and work there (i.e. log the accessibility bugs there, or direct users to log accessibility bugs there)? Or should I work in textmate/bugs directly (and if yes, would it be possible to add “voiceover” label so that it can be assigned to issues)?
- should textmate/textmate’s README.md be updated to point to the bugs and requests repos? If yes, I will submit a pull request to do that.

Thanks for your clarification.

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