[TxMt] Re: The new commit window

Jacob Carlborg doob at me.com
Thu Apr 10 08:03:28 UTC 2014

On 10/04/14 03:31, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> The new window is closer to the rest of TextMate’s UI. Yes, it looks
> heavier because there are more controls than the previous commit window
> (the text view’s status bar) and it uses textured controls because it’s
> using a textured window.
> I am not sure what to take from this. You want a visually lighter commit
> window that doesn’t use the textured window look?

Yeah, I would probably not have used a textured window. I have not seen 
this much at all in applications. If the bottom bar looked like that 
status bar and the gear button looked like the gear button in the status 
bar I think it would look lighter.

> If so, the text view’s
> status bar would probably need to be updated to match such window.

Yes, even now it looks a bit out of place. Status bars looking like this 
are usually at the bottom of windows, not in the middle of a window.

> Though this is one of the things where I suggest you use it for a few
> weeks before commenting on how it subjectively feels,

Yeah, probably.

> although specific suggestions/mockups are received with gratitude.

I might have a look at that.

> Should it? The main window has a status bar with info to be read, the
> commit window has a bottom bar with actions represented via bordered
> controls.

I think it looks a bit weird.

> You can resize the window to make it taller (TODO set auto-save name for
> the window).

Well yes. But the previous implementation had a split view where I could 
change the height of the text control relative to the list of files.

> By “doesn’t properly work” you mean that the HTML output window does not
> (also) go away? But instead writes that the commit was cancelled?

It doesn't write anything. It just waits. When I close the window I get 
a dialog asking if I want to stop the sub task (or similar).

/Jacob Carlborg

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