[TxMt] Re: Smart Typing Pairs questions

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sat Apr 5 08:43:53 UTC 2014

On 5 Apr 2014, at 3:51, graham.p.heath at gmail.com wrote:

> […] Are there known issues with smart typing pairs, or perhaps was I 
> looking in the wrong location?

Not that I am aware of. What was your goal here?

One of the questions you link to wants ‘{’ to insert spaces. This is 
more of a job for snippets, e.g. create a snippet with content set to 
‘{ $0 }’ and bind it to the ‘{’ key, possibly scope it to a 
given language and/or disable it for when there is a selection (by using 
a scope selector of ‘-dyn.selection’).

The other question you link to was about ‘:’ being paired with 
‘;’. For CSS this is the PropertyName setting in Bundles → CSS → 
Settings. Currently it is scoped to ‘meta.property-list.css 
-meta.property-value’ which should limit where it fires.

The linked question though was mentioning SCSS, looking in that bundle, 
it there is a Smart Typing Pairs setting with the pair which is scoped 
to source.css. This appears to be wrong, and it should instead mimic the 
CSS bundle wrt. only enabling it in the context where it makes sense.

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