[TxMt] Re: Strange clipboard bug

Matt Neuburg matt at tidbits.com
Fri Apr 4 14:51:17 UTC 2014

On Apr 4, 2014, at 7:25 AM, Carpii UK <carpii.uk at gmail.com> wrote:

> The emails I get are in daily digest format, so it wasn't clear which bits I need to leave intact so the mailing list can thread it.

Basically, Don't Do That. This list gets so little traffic that there is very little penalty for receiving individual messages. If you're going to be doing any replying, that is the only way to go. It's a small price to pay. 

I myself get the emails as individual messages, even though I would prefer digests, exactly because replying coherently is so difficult otherwise.

(That said, I have in fact written a set of scripts that busts the digest into individual messages and then constructs the correctly formatted reply to an individual message. But I'm afraid it's so convoluted that I can't share it with you; in fact, it's _so_ convoluted that I don't use it for this list.)


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