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Fri Apr 4 14:32:43 UTC 2014

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> Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2014 08:42:30 +0700
After pasting the wrong word, if you wait a little (like 1 second) does it
> then paste the proper word?
I'm not sure, I would need to check next time it happens.
Ive had it three or four times now, but usually I don't notice right away
and its only when I get a parse error in my PHP I go back and see it
sitting there.

> Is “AMQPChannel” in your clipboard history (Edit → Paste → Show History)?
> If yes, after you get it pasted, is it at the top? And are there multiple
> entries named “AMQPChannel”?
There was only one instance of this in my clipboard history, but Im certain
this is where I copied it manually in order to Google for it (ie, after it
had already been pasted)

> It does not embed rabbitMQ nor can I imagine a bundle does this. It would
> more likely be some third party clipboard history utility or perhaps
> TextMate’s own history that somehow gets messed up.
Its a brand new iMac, literally 2 weeks old. A software conflict is
possible, but there's very little Ive installed other than Textmate and a
few other standard utils.

I had the same setup on my old iMac (Lion) but never saw this problem, so
perhaps its some edge case specific to Mavericks.
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