[TxMt] Re: Strange clipboard bug

Stefan Daschek stefan at daschek.net
Fri Apr 4 09:41:34 UTC 2014

Am 04.04.14 03:42, schrieb Allan Odgaard:
> On 4 Apr 2014, at 5:43, Carpii UK wrote:
>> But instead of pasting the clipboard, it pastes the single word
>> "AMQPChannel" in its place. This seems to be something related to
>> RabbitMQ,
>> although I don't understand much else about why it would occur.
> After pasting the wrong word, if you wait a little (like 1 second) does
> it then paste the proper word?
> Is “AMQPChannel” in your clipboard history (Edit → Paste → Show
> History)? If yes, after you get it pasted, is it at the top? And are
> there multiple entries named “AMQPChannel”?

This reminds me that I’ve seen "AMQPChannel" several times as result of 
Esc-completion (in documents that did not contain this word at all). I 
think it was somehow related to having multiple cursors at the the time 
of pressing Esc, but I can’t reproduce it right now.

I'll try to post more info if this happens again.


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