[TxMt] Customizing Syntax-Highlighting

Ingo Lantschner lists14 at lantschner.name
Thu Apr 3 06:45:15 UTC 2014

I started to customize the highlighting for Perl code with this code in 
my personal Bundle:

	{	patterns = (
		{	name = 'comment.line.debug.perl';
			match = '\bi ''.*'';|\bi ".*";|\bi q{.*};|\bi qq{.*};';

This works fine, so that all lines like `i '…';` are now formatted 
like a comment (`#`).

But it has some side-effects: E.g. the change from double-quotes to 
single-quotes by pressing `Ctrl+Shift+"` does not work any more. Plus I 
would like to change the formatting (color, ...) to something different.

What would be the the best way?

Ingo Lantschner
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