[TxMt] Projects in TM2: simple include/exclude directories

backspaces owen at backspaces.net
Thu Nov 21 20:03:46 UTC 2013

TM2 changed the concept of projects.  Could someone point to the best
pages/posts for explaining them?

First of all, *are* there projects?  I see the .tm_properties discussions
but not sure how to correctly use them, or how to build a project that has
multiple folders.

My projects are of two kinds: github and multi-folder.  I think the first is
easy once I understand the format of the .tm_properties file (God I wish it
were JSON, but I digress) because there's one obvious top level folder, the
git repo, and I can include/exclude files/folders in .tm_properties, I

But the second is harder I think.  Think of my home directory with several
folders I'd like to include in multiple projects.  Ex: my bin dir and my
notes dir to start with.  I could built a .tm_properties file in the home
dir which include bin and dir (both of which might also have their own
.tm_properties?)  But then I also want another project in my home dir that
includes two other folders, src and hax.  How do I manage that?  I can't
rely on the single home .tm_properties .. I seem to need two of them.

The solution for me with Sublime is to have a folder of projects, each of
which is a JSON tree which can aim its path at specific sets of folders
anywhere in my system with associated include/excludes.

Can I do this in TM2?  Easily?  Thanks!

   -- Owen

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