[TxMt] Is it possible to make a TextMate window narrow? (less than 500 pixels across)

Matt Hutton mbhutton+tm at gmail.com
Sat May 11 00:46:32 UTC 2013

The minimum width of a TextMate window seems quite wide, at over 500 pixels
on my machine. This is over a third of the width of the screen on a MacBook

Is there a way to support windows narrower than 500 pixels?

I can't see anything in the document or mailing lists or GitHub issues
list, other than a mention that the status bar now has a minimum size:

This pull request may also be related:

Is it possible to hide the status bar, or remove some of its components to
make its minimum size smaller?

If there's not a user configurable setting to support narrow windows, is
there a hard coded setting in the code that I could override for my local

My environment:

TextMate: most recent alpha build from the website -- 2.0-alpha.9419. Same
behaviour when built from the latest source (2.0-alpha.9420+git.e49504a).
Mac OS X: 10.8.3
MacBook Air 13"
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