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Timothy Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 07:14:03 UTC 2013

Agree it would be nice if the symbol window was synched. Rather than dock
it, I'd rather it reflected the front most window.
On 27 Jun 2013 10:19, "Ken Snyder" <ken+textmate at ken.net> wrote:

> I love navigating classes with the Go To Symbol ⇧⌘T dialog. So much so,
> in fact, that I now have started keeping it open all the time so that I
> have quicker access but also to just give me context of all the methods
> available in the class.
> That said, I've noticed that as you modify the file -- while keeping the
> Go To Symbol dialog open -- the symbol links become out of sync and the
> only way I know of to fix this is to close it and then re-open it. Is this
> something that could be automatically kept up-to-date? If not, is there a
> hotkey to refresh it?
> Finally, as I've started to keep this window open I started thinking of
> things I'd love to see added if possible:
>    - *Docking*. Could this window not be docked into the same location as
>    the file explorer? If this were done well it could be really nice.
>    - *Public/Private/Protected*. If there were some subtle but always-on
>    font distinctions between access modifiers this could be quite useful. I'd
>    love to also see "static" called out in some way but obviously don't want
>    to clutter the font palette too much.
>    - *Signature Balloons*. If you held your cursor over a method it would
>    be nice to see the signature of that method. This would save a lot of toing
>    and frowing in a file.
> Ken
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